What is this?

There’s strange infor­ma­tion on twit­ter every­day. In describ­ing what they are doing peo­ple write on stuff oth­er peo­ple do not real­ly wan­na know. We don’t wan­na judge that. If you par­tic­i­pate on twit­ter you should antic­i­pate this to hap­pen. But we do want to col­lect those tweets that we are aston­ished about.

We’re post­ing on this blog explic­it remarks to tweets. Each of them con­tains an attempt to describe the irri­tat­ing thing about these tweets to the author. These remarks stay a sub­jec­tive mat­ter and should be seen as such.

Some­times remarks deal with the diver­gency of points of views. The author deals with the fact that some­one told some­thing to twit­ter what he him­selve had nev­er told.

Some­times they deal just with the pro­voked pic­ture the author got from a tweet, no mat­ter what the real pic­ture in mind was. But we’d like to have a look at this spe­cial thing brought to you by twit­ter: The mis­lead­ing thoughts.

This blog tries to tell you a sto­ry about all the dif­fer­ent shapes of these new thoughts.

Have fun.


Graph­ics were tak­en from http://www.twitter.com
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