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  • Got Zot — Mike Mac­girvin: We Dis­trib­ute “As a result, every project re-imple­ments their own incom­pat­i­ble solu­tions to every fed­er­a­tion prob­lem and ridicules any oth­er solu­tions that oth­ers have pro­vid­ed with­out so much as log­ging into the ser­vice and hav­ing a look at how it works. They believe their own project is “spe­cial” and some­day the mass­es of the inter­net will leave the walled gar­dens and come crawl­ing to their awe­some project, beg­ging to use their awe­some ser­vices. So far even the largest wave of migra­tions hasn’t come close to 0.05% of the large ser­vice pop­u­la­tions, and many of those folks tried the free web once and quick­ly went back to the walled gardens.”

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