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  • Putin Par­dons Russ­ian Woman Charged for ‘Trea­so­nous’ Text Mes­sages “Russ­ian secu­ri­ty agents arrest­ed Sev­as­ti­di in Jan­u­ary 2015, claim­ing that the friend to whom she had sent the mes­sages had been a Geor­gian spy. She was even­tu­al­ly sen­tenced to sev­en years’ impris­on­ment. Putin’s par­don, which comes into force on March 12, 2017, says that it was signed on “the prin­ci­ples of human­i­ty.” Sevastidi’s lawyer, Yevge­ny Smirnov, told the Inter­fax news agency that his client could not remem­ber appeal­ing to Putin for a pardon.”

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