Lesezeichen vom 12. Oktober 2015

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  • Why I Unfol­lowed You on Insta­gram — Medi­um “The next plat­form that scratch­es this itch will be an Inter­est Feed. It knows what we like. It brings us the best of the Inter­net based on what we like. Straight killer no filler. It doesn’t exist yet.”
  • Die Woche: Wie geht es uns, Herr Küp­pers­busch? — taz.de “Alex­i­je­w­itschs Meth­ode, aus „oral his­to­ry“ eigene, kün­st­lerische Texte zu mon­tieren, ist unge­fähr so lit­er­arisch wie die von Wal­ter Kem­pows­ki. Der musste sich auch den gle­ichen Diss anhören, brachte sich jedoch vor dem Nobel­preis im Jen­seits in Sicherheit.”
  • Don’t let the Nobel prize fool you. Eco­nom­ics is not a sci­ence Joris Luyendijk: “A Nobel prize in eco­nom­ics implies that the human world oper­ates much like the phys­i­cal world: that it can be described and under­stood in neu­tral terms, and that it lends itself to mod­el­ling, like chem­i­cal reac­tions or the move­ment of the stars. It cre­ates the impres­sion that econ­o­mists are not in the busi­ness of con­struct­ing inher­ent­ly imper­fect the­o­ries, but of dis­cov­er­ing time­less truths.”

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