Lesezeichen vom 11. Oktober 2015

  • Open stan­dards with­out all that nasty interop “Put LinkedIn, Pin­ter­est, Google and Twit­ter in a room and start with this agen­da: 1. Let’s make a new open stan­dard we all sup­port. 2. But do it in a way so we don’t under­mine our indi­vid­ual lock-in. Obvi­ous­ly these are con­tra­dic­to­ry goals. […] Why did they all put their name on it? Because they’re scared of some­thing. In this case that some­thing is Facebook.”
  • DJ Mosak­en über Stra­che und den Hitler-Ver­gle­ich — Poli­tik — Süddeutsche.de “Er het­ze wie Hitler, warf der Wiener DJ Mosak­en dem öster­re­ichis­chen Recht­spop­ulis­ten Stra­che vor. Zurecht, befand ein Gericht.”
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