Lindsay Lohan’s bathroom party

Some­times it feels just good not hav­ing to live in Amer­i­ca. Because I real­ly don’t know why the fol­low­ing behav­iour is not a kind of stalk­ing:
Some pho­tog­ra­ph­er spent his time this week­end in watch­ing Lind­say Lohan’s bath­room win­dow while she was hav­ing a par­ty. And to make at least on tiny thing out of it this pho­tog­ra­ph­er thinks that Lohan’s on his pic­ture tak­ing drugs. Lohan denies this inter­pre­ta­tion where­upon the paper writes sub­lim­i­naly that its inter­pre­ta­tion would be verisim­i­lar and the read­ers should decide.
Well good­nite, if that’s your way to come clos­er to thruths…

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