You are not alone

This week’s tweet deals with the ques­tion: Who are you talk­ing to?
Mr. bou­vierm tells us:

Who is Sarah? Well, that’s easy. Sarah is obvi­ous­ly bou­vierm’s actu­al girl-friend. That’s not that much of a sur­prise because Sarah is bou­vierm’s only con­tact in twit­ter. We real­ly hope this does not apply to his offline life. Take just a sec­ond with us to have a look into this boy’s lit­tle cos­mos.

Sad­ly enough Sarah gives updates only to friends. Luck­i­ly enough you can read any­thing she writes in twit­ter search. Well, it seems to be a hap­py cou­ple so we don’t want to rush into the their rela­tion­ship too much.

It’s inter­est­ing enough that bou­vierm tells twit­ter that there is going to hap­pen a sex­u­al thing between him and Sarah tonight. Why does he do that? It might be that he does­n’t know any­one can read his tweets and not only his only fol­low­er. Well, as you saw, even if you lock your updates they’re not real­ly locked.

But inso­far it could be part of a game or some­thing. You know these “hide and seek in the inter­net, although we’re a cou­ple in real­i­ty” games, don’t ya ? Besides, there’s no real advan­tage in get­ting an SMS from twit­ter instead get­ting it from your mobile, is there? You see, many ques­tions arise from this infor­ma­tion although there’s no need for us to know more about it.

So, here’s a lit­tle bit crit­i­cal think­ing: Are we some kind of rude in hav­ing a look into that pri­vate sphere? Well, that real­ly could be, but any­how bou­vierm does­n’t seem to act that much on decen­cy him­self

 and is so busy we don’t think he cares that much:

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